Agendamento IVDP


Institutional Org.

The new institutional organisation of the Douro Demarcated Region (DDR) that was approved by Decree-Laws 277/2003 and 278/2003, both dated 6 November, is based on two structural principles: that a single public entity should manage the ‘Porto’ and ‘Douro’ appellations of origin and the ‘Terras Durienses’ geographical indication, and this entity should be part of an interprofessional model.

This change resulted from the functional breakdown of the complex model of 1995 that involved an unwieldy coalition of the duties and responsibilities of the Casa do Douro, the Interprofessional Commission for the Demarcated Region of the Douro (CIRDD) and the Port Wine Institute (IVP). Experience showed that there was a need to reduce the number of public entities responsible for regulating the winemaking sector in the DDR and to clearly distinguish each entity’s field of action by perfecting and simplifying the management model.

This need for an efficient and functional interprofessional formula required a change in the legal nature of the IVP which, by merging with the CIRDD, was transformed into a public partnership denominated Douro and Port Wine Institute (IVDP). Although the State continues to be responsible for certifying the wines from the DDR and for supervising the sector, in terms of control and sanctions, the professions are charged with the entire responsibility of managing and coordinating viticulture and winemaking in the Douro.

In view of the present context of markedly competitive global trading opportunities, the lack of a concerted strategy on the part of both production and trade for the management of a demarcated region, one that can interact with the State’s obligations regarding the administration of the appellations of origin, required a new institutional organisation for the DDR. As a result, the Casa do Douro’s responsibilities were redefined, whilst supervision and control of Douro viticulture and winemaking were concentrated in an interprofessional public institution, the IVDP.