Agendamento IVDP



Baumé - the density scale used to determine the degree of sweetness of musts and sweet wines

Benefício - the Portuguese expression used to describe the adding of grape brandy to fermenting wine

Bouquet - the set of aromas that characterise a wine and that develop especially during fermentation and ageing

Crushing - action of smashing the grapes to release their juice

Destemming - removing the stems from the grapes

Draw off - to drain the juice from the tanks in which the wine is made, leaving the pomace behind

Fortified wine - a special type of wine where, not excluding other situations duly defined in EU legislation, the natural fermentation of the must produced by grapes is interrupted by adding grape brandy, as in the case of Port Wine.

Lot - the wine that is obtained by blending two or more wines

Maceration - the prolonged contact of the must with the solid grape matter with a view to extracting the compounds that are responsible for giving it its colour and aromas

Must - unfermented grape juice

Must, fermenting - grape juice in which the alcohol it contains is fermenting

Pomace - the solid matter from the crushed grapes that is impregnated with wine after the wine has been drawn off from the tanks in which it made or the dry matter that remains after the wet pomace has been pressed

Treading - crushing the grapes by foot


Pumping over - the procedure that consists of pumping the fermenting must from the bottom of the tank and pouring it in at the top of the same tank so as to air the must and encourage the extraction of the compounds responsible for giving it its colour and to make it more homogeneous.

Pumping over

Racking from the lees - the process of transferring wine from one cask to another for purposes of separating it from the deposit is throws (lees) and airing it.